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Published: 25th February 2013
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There are many people who do not know what is executive coaching? Executive Coaching refers to a one-on-one relationship that exists between a professional coach and a key member of an organization whose high impact decisions have a bearing on the fate of the company. The coaching primarily aims at enhancement of organisational performance. Singling out high potential employees, the company facilitates executive coaching for them in order to bring about a turnaround in the companyís fortunes.

Leaders at the helm often get stuck in indecisiveness leading to the companyís flagging fortunes. It is here executive coaching assumes importance by helping the vacillating ones to come out of their shell asserting their executive skills. The coaching thus works on managerial capabilities and psychological problems of those who matter most in the company.

Executive coaching in the past was confined to achieving improved performance through the development of select individuals of a company. In the competitive world of today Coaching for Success has become the key word for survival. Coaches who have the knack of adapting their strategy according to the trend help companies do well to bring about record growth in the cutthroat world of business.

Coaches trained in exclusive areas like sports, business and psychology have a thorough understanding of the importance of motivation being at the same time acutely aware of the cultural and the racial differences of the clients. Equipped with such skills and awareness, a coach who offers executive coaching trains his clients how to achieve certain ambitious goals in their profession.

Those who go for intensive coaching get trained how to cope with issues in career transition, communicative skills, effective management, changes in career and person, asserting executive power, use of successful strategies and management and conflict in the company. A psychologist who accompanies a cricket team is an example of an Executive Coach whose presence and the use of his expertise in the field does help boost the sagging morality of the team.

A good Executive Coach is a thoroughbred psychologist. It is difficult to find bigwigs in society without having a specialised coach to take care of their affairs. The coach is sure to effect dramatic changes in the fortunes of a company as well as an individual. Coaching will be effective only when the individual who undergoes the training is receptive to all the suggestions made by the coach; you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. So is the case with an unwilling leader. However, an expert trainer knows how to bring out the best from people who undergo specialised training. He has the know-how to deal with individuals with different tastes and preferences.

Life Coaching is closely associated with executive coaching but with a difference. Here the focus is on the individualís life in relation to his specific business, his relationship, and the conditions and changes in his personal life. The coach is able to address the problems that stand in the way of his client living a life of his choice by establishing uninhibited connection with him. All aspects of the individualís life are taken care of and the client is helped to walk along the path of his dreams.

A man of business should go for Executive Coaching if he wants to keep his business stay afloat. That will sure be a Coaching for Success that brings about a change for the better in his business prospects.

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